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Why choose Rox @ Vamp Body Art for your tattoo?

There are as many ways to get tattooed as there are tattooists. Some people like walking into a busy, bustling open-plan studio and enjoy the energy of sharing their experience with a room full of strangers. Other people prefer a quieter, more private experience. Neither is right or wrong. In the same way that some artists will create your design at your appointment, without a prior consultation, and others will require a consultation prior to booking the tattoo and then complete the design and have it available for viewing in the days prior to the appointment. Again, there are many different ways that tattooists work best. I'm here to share with you how I work, and why... Consultations I much prefer to have a separate consultation appointment with my clients prior to booking the tattoo. This serves many purposes. I get to explain the pros and cons of placement, size and style, and I get to ask questions about the design, while also providing an opportunity for the client to ask qu

Friends & Family Tattoos

Celebrating friends & family with tattoos • whether it is matching tattoos, a celebration of new life, or memorialising lost loved ones, custom tattoos can capture the connections we have with those we love • To book your consultation to discuss your tattoo ideas, go to our website or email #adelaidetattoos #adelaidetattoo #adelaidetattoostudio #finelinetattoosadelaide #finelinetattooadelaide #familytattoos #friendshiptattoos #matchingtattoos #memorialtattoos #vegansofadelaide #adelaidevegans #ladiesoftattooingworldwide #neotatmachines #australiantattooistsguild @australiantattooistsguild

Vegan tattoos

Celebrating veganism • vegan-themed tattoos can be subtle or overt, and can vary in design style, composition and artistic technique • all tattoos at Vamp Body Art are done using vegan inks, stencil supplies, skin cleaning products, razors and after care • with over 20 years as a vegan, Rox understands the importance of living and practising her values at home as well as at work in the studio • all tattoos by Rox Wade @roxtattoo at @vampbodyart #vegansofadelaide #adelaidevegans #adelaidevegan #adelaidetattoos #adelaidetattoo ##tattoosofadelaide #veganink #veganartist #crueltyfree #vegansofinstagram #vegansofaustralia #australiantattooistsguild @australiantattooistsguild

Booking Appointments and FAQ

This site is predominantly used to show examples of tattoo work by Rox Wade, organised by subject or style. For bookings, please go to the Vamp Body Art website. There is a Contact page with a form to complete to arrange a consultation. Rox requires all new clients to have a consultation prior to booking their tattoo. This can be done in person or online (Zoom or Skype) and it is done so that Rox can ensure she is the right person to do the work being requested, and that the style, size, location etc. are confirmed prior to the appointment so that major changes are not required during the actual tattoo appointment. The website also contains a page with Frequently Asked Questions, including information about pricing, deposit payment, tattoo preparation and aftercare, etc. The links to the website and specific pages are as follows: Website Home Page: FAQ Contact Page Alternative

Whimsical & Unique Tattoos

  Whimsical and unique tattoo ideas • self-expression in ways that are meaningful, memorable, adorable, or sometimes just fun • all tattoos by Rox Wade @roxtattoo at @vampbodyart For bookings, go to or email  #whimsicaltattoos #whimsicaltattoo #uniquetattoos #finelinetattooadelaide #finelinetattoos #adelaidetattoos #adelaidearts #adelaidetattoo #tattoosofadelaide #neotat #neotatmachines #australiantattooistsguild #vegansofadelaide @australiantattooistsguild